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Casio's "Music on a Wrist" MP3 Player

Announced at CES 2000 in January, Casio's WMP-1V Wrist Audio Player is the world's first wrist-wearable combination MP3 digital audio player and timepiece. Equipped with an internal 32MB Multi Media Card (MMC), the player provides up to 33 minutes of CD quality sound or 44 minutes of near CD quality sound, or 66 minutes of FM broadcast-level quality sound.

A USB interface specifically designed for the wrist worn configuration provides rapid music downloads which average about 70 seconds for a four-minute track. Full charge battery life provides approximately 4 hours of continuous playback. Regular timepiece features include normal timekeeping, alarm and stopwatch functions.
The image below shows a screen shot of the MP3 Jukebox software that comes with the watch.

Availabilty: Now at the Casio Online Store

Price: $249.95

Note: Panasonic is just waiting in the wings, planning to ship in the second part of the year. Sony, of course, does not sit on their "music clip" laurels and announced its entry into the "wrist music" business as well.

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